Upcoming Classes & Camps:

  • Intermediate Computer Science
  • Advanced Computer Science
  • Intro to Making with Littlebits
  • Intro to Electronics with Arduino
  • Intro to 3D Printing and Scanning
  • Computer Science for Middle School
  • Intro to Game making
  • Intermediate Game making
  • Advanced Game making


  • Intro to Programming with Ruby for Teens
  • Intro to Programming with Ruby for Adults
  • Javascript Programming for Teens
  • Javascript Programming for Adults
  • and more for kids, teens, and adults

By 2020 there will be 1 Million MORE engineering and computer programming jobs than students graduating in high technology degrees.



  • Technology affects EVERY field from medicine, to legal, to banking, and more.
  • 67% of software jobs are not even in the tech industry.
  • College level Computer Science enrollment is down from 10 years ago.
  • Fewer and fewer women and minorities are choosing STEM.
  • Programming builds SELF CONFIDENCE as well as the skill set to survive in a 21st digital economy.
  • Computer literacy makes us STRONGER as a nation and is crucial to competing in a global economy.

At Sprockets, our mission is to equip students ages 7-13 with relevant, real world computer programming and engineering skills to directly address this growing crisis.


Students will not only learn to program, they will learn how to think.


Cowerks and Lakehouse Music Academy are the leaders when it comes to technology, entrepreneurship, and education in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Since 2010 Cowerks has nurtured a growing community of over 1000 technology professionals and has become an invaluable resource to programmers, engineers, and start-ups, not only in the area, but the entire State of New Jersey.

Lakehouse Music Academy has become the leader in the area for relevant, real-life music education. Since it's inception in 2013, it has engaged and enriched students through musical education by promoting performance, composition, collaboration and scholarship, as well as brought music programs to countless underserved schools and communities in the region.

Sprockets is housed in the Lakehouse Music Building, under the same roof as the Jersey Shore Tech Meetup, one of NJ's largest tech communities, two world-class recording studios, a music store, rehearsal rooms, and many notable start-ups and music industry professionals.

Everyone should have at least some exposure to the language of code. It’s part of being a well-rounded individual. Just as you might learn a foreign language or read the classics, you will find computer programming helps in all sorts of job fields.
— Bret Morgan, co-founder of Sprockets